Casement Windows

Our Casement windows will give your home the high level energy efficiency that you need. They are the most popular type of window and are known for their versatility as they can be made to fit almost any height and width. At TSS Joinery we design and create a range of bespoke casement windows in a variety of materials and finishes from timber to aluminium and white uPVC.

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What is a casement window?

A Casement window is a window that opens outwards via a hinge located at the side or top. It is attached to a frame by one or more hinges and either a manual (or automatic) mechanism which cranks the window outwards, away from the home. The casement window comes in a number of different forms the most recognisable one being the side hung which is hinged at the side for easy opening.

The top hung or awning casement window is hinged at the top which is perfect for wet climates as it blocks out rain. Conversely, the bottom hung casement window is hinged at the bottom and is commonly used in basements.

Types of casement windows

There are 3 main types of casement window:

  • Single frame – these are the most commonly installed casement window. They have a single frame and a single panel of glass and can open open many directions dependent on how they’re mounted.
  • Double casement – otherwise known as French casement windows. These types of window have two windows hinges on the sides that swing out and meet in the middle.
  • Push-out casement windows – these come in both single and double styles and are operated by a handle rather than a crank.

Reasons to choose casement windows

Many homeowners prefer this window style for a number of reasons. They are a good ofr space-saving designs in kitchens, bathrooms and other limited areas as well having the benefit of opening outward.

Check out our top five reasons to choose casement window replacements.

  • Low Maintenance – this is a simple and straightforward process for casement windows as this style have just one pane of glass.
  • Simple Operation – casement windows have the advantage of opening using hand cranks which makes them easier to open and close.
  • Ventilation – casement windows allow you to open your windows completely to allow fresh air to circulate keeping your home fresh and smelling clean during the summer months.
  • Energy Efficient – Casement windows can increase the energy efficiency of your home by up to 45 percent in the winter and 70 percent during the summer months reducing the cost of utility bills.
  • Security – the locks on casements windows are secured to the frames which means you have piece of mind when leaving your home or going away on holiday.

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