Radiator Covers

Design bespoke Radiator Covers

Fed up of looking at your radiators and pipework in your home?Then enhance and improve the look of your home by purchasing one of our affordable radiator covers.

Bespoke Radiator Covers

We have a range of sizes available and if these do not accommodate your requirements we can make a radiator cover to fit any radiator.

Once ordered we can discuss if you require any skirting profiles to be cut out or any other personalisation details you may have.

Benefits of having a radiator cover

  • Safety – radiators get extremely hot and homes with children or pets who might be tempted to touch the radiators can be hazardous.
  • Protection- radiator covers protect heat from hitting walls, drapes or curtains and can make a long difference in their
  • Better heat distribution – a radiator cover with a backing can reflect heat away from the walls and towards the living area
  • Another surface – a radiator can be somewhere else to put household items
  • Hide unattractive radiators – a radiator cover can improve the appearance of the room

Types of Radiator covers


Fleur De Lys



How to measure your radiator grill

Width (A)

Measure to the outside edge of the radiator valves and add 2″ (50mm). This will be the minimum internal width for your radiator cover.

Height (B)

Measure from the floor to the top of the radiator and add 2″ (50mm) for air flow. This will be the minimum internal height for your radiator cover.

Depth (C)

Measure from the wall to the front of the radiator and add 1″ (25mm) for air flow. This will be the minimum internal depth for your radiator cover. Please let us know if you have any obstructions preventing your radiator cover from fitting properly i.e. sockets, window sills, dado rails etc.

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