Sash Windows

Our sash windows offer both period charm and character. Our high quality sash windows can be used for period properties and new builds as the sash windows meet thermal, acoustic and PAS 24 security standards. We design them with traditional detailing and carefully selected decorative features such as glazing, bars, mouldings and architectural hardware.

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Why choose sash windows?

  • Energy efficient – provide better thermal efficiency than plastics windows.
  • Ease of repair – timber windows are easier to repair than plastic windows and can be updated with a fresh coat of paint or staining.
  • Maintenance – we recommend repainting you timber windows every 10 years dependent on there location which will ensure they continue to look like new.
  • Sustainable – Timber is more sustainable than plastic as is biodegradable and the build process has little impact on the environment and gives off less toxins when burnt.
  • Period appropriate – helps maintain traditional detail of the home, retaining the value whilst ensuring giving then the desired look and feel.

When to buy new sash windows?

You will find that most wooden sash windows may have seen periods of neglect. The wood has been exposed to the elements which means that they can become rotten or different to use or maintain rather than be a beautiful addition to your home. Repairs can help for a short period, but it’s also possible to fit brand new sash windows. When your windows are stiff or shudder in the frame and they are no longer easy to use they should be changed. This might be the time to get in contact with TSS Joinery where we can take you through your options.

Issues that could mean replacement or repair

Reasons for a replacement or repair to your sash windows:

  1. Peeling paint
  2. Water Ingress
  3. Stiffness on operation
  4. Rattling on operation
  5. Self raising or self lowering
  6. Draughts or howling
  7. Rotten timber
  8. Bending, bowing or breaking of the timber

Sash window repair

TSS Joinery offer full sash window restoration and refurbishment services. We will consider sash window repair before considering costly replacement to ensure to you get the most out of any existing sash windows.

Some of the sash window repair services we offer include:

  • Sash window sill replacement – this involves removal of the existing window sill and replacement with either a soft or hard wood. We will rebuild the sill and prime and undercoat the window ready for decoration. This usually takes place when the sill is rotten and the window no longer usable.
  • Sash replacement – If the sash window is beyond repair then you should consider replacement of the specific sash that is rotten. TSS Joinery supply the sash window in soft or hardwood as well as stained, primed, undercoat, and glossed finished.
  • Listed building and conservation sash window repairs – If your home is in a conservation area, or is listed and planning are insisting on sash window repair then please contact us. We are specialists in repair of listed building sash windows.

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